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Healthy Food
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Follow the program, go to the virtual monthly meetings, and start feeling a renewal.
Success is the name of the game.

We want you to 

know that we are Seniors like yourself who have had issues with our own healthy weight management.


You will have a Success Director who is a Senior as well.

Someone who has the experience you have had. We believe in not only talking the talk but walking the walk. 

Please note that as  affiliates we earn a small percentage at no cost to you.

Products and availability are only accurate as a date posted. Promo codes are subject to change at any time.

So let’s review
1. Set up a consultation with your Success Director.
2.. Meet with your health professional to make sure that your plan is spot on with your lifestyle.
3. Sign your pledge agreement.
4. Meet for an in-depth online chat or phone call.
Attend a monthly

Our services are included with your fee, including all meetings and consultations. If you would like to purchase products in the member section and as a VIP member, you will get discounts, as well as personal designs, and plans with products.

**Please note the products are not included in the membership service plan,

it is not mandatory to purchase anything but highly recommended. Please note there is no pressure just suggestions.
Access to 24/7 email

What to expect first you will need to have your consultation to go over what you were and results will be. Your Success Director will see your lifestyle, eating habits, and anything you would like to talk about regarding what your expectations are.
As we discuss, which plan would be the most doable and complement your successes? We strongly suggest you see your health professional to make sure the plan suits you.

**We highly recommend Protein Milkshake to start off as a delcious protein fix.. Whether you decide to become a Senior Slimmer or not, please be our guest and enjoy the savings.
We will have another consultation within one week of the first to create your plan. This will include which plan you would like to move forward with,, whether you pick senior fasting, senior, keto, or naturopathic plan, you will get the Senior Slimmers, white glove treatment.

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Success Steps to get started

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