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Your Guide to Naturopathic Lifestyle 

Great Plan for those on Semaglutide or  Tirzepatide and Clients who want to enjoy a clean eating, calorie deficit lifestyle

A naturopathic practitioner is a healthcare professional who practices and helps to create a naturopathic lifestyle for clients. Naturopathics is an alternate approach that emphasizes using natural remedies and a “whole person” approach to prevent, diagnose, and help the condition. promote wellness within the body and mind. NDs focus primarily on addressing the underlying causes of illness and disease — rather than treating just the symptom to help promote wellness within the body and mind as a whole. First, in a consultation, we will review and identify and move forward with a plan of action

Loving Mature Couple

If you do not want to fast or count macros and carbs a natural plan of food management, meditation, low-impact exercise ( I promise it will be low ), and holistic, feel-good therapeutic necessities.

This is my personal plan while Tirzepatide. I am

 We will guide you with the best program tailored for you. No two Seniors are alike. We all have one goal, optimal health inside and out. We will need you to sign a permission form and strongly advise to see your medical professional to get the OK. It is important for you as a whole person. You will have the opportunity to work one on one with weekly sessions with a certified pro and join the bi-monthly online Senior Slimmers Success Sessions. So let's get going on your journey as a Senior Slimmer!

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