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Become your own success story


Senior Fasting

Join the most unique proven healthy

weight management system

for the Boomer and Senior Generation 55 PLUS

 So many benefits

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1. Weight Loss
2. Reduces insulin resistance

3. Improves Gut Health
4. Gives your Brain a Boost
5. Helps and Reduces Inflammation
6. Saves you money
7. Anti-Aging
8. Regenerate cells
and so much more...

Senior Fasting is a great way to
save money by eating fewer meals.
Healthier meals are prepared easily at home.


Even if other plans have failed ( we have all been there) Your Success is easier to achieve with Senior Fasting. We are not like other companies which give you an app or a site and you're on your own. We pride ourselves on not only walking the walk but talking the talk. We are all Senior Fasters! The Healthy weight lifestyle is recommended by many health professionals.

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We only recommend products that

we use on a day-to-day basis. Because of that, we refer to a very limited amount of businesses.

Products can help facilitate your well-being and weight loss faster, however. We offer you deep discounts on the products we recommend and work with you to

help you achieve your comfort level with each.


Talk with your doctor about if fasting is good for you.

When you sign with Senior Fasting, we will create your own complete personal plan. We show you how to save money too by making all the right choices and preparing easy meals. Our resources are endless for you on how to save money and get healthy. We want you to be healthy and successful.

Welcome to Senior Fasting!

Get ready to be your own fabulous success story.

Happy Smile
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