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Seniors 55 Plus

We are an iconic generation. Me generation. As an As Seniors 55 Plus, you will succeed, because you are part of the generation that changed it all. As Boomers who have led the pack at being on the cutting edge of cultural change. Your future starts today with Senior Slimmers.

Senior Slimmers provides you with the most concise program for

Seniors 55 PLUS.

We specialize in Wellness, Mindfulness, and Tranquil Makeovers.


Keeping focused and happy with our Senior low-impact yoga, mindful, calming, and relaxation lifestyle programs and relaxing techniques, and overall well-being.

Our Sound and relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, will add to your calm.


Why choose us?

We are You! We have followed every diet and fitness program that was hot since the 60s.  We have done it all...And, yet, in 2023 with so many unprecedented events, we all need to keep ourselves stronger and healthier than ever.  It's not about a size 4 anymore. We are so over that. It's about Empowerment overall.


Our Senior Makeover from head to toe will not only make you feel gorgeous inside and out but you will be empowered to achieve your best. We encourage you to speak with your doctor or health professional before starting any health program.

For more information, please view our disclaimer and information page.


Senior Slimmers is a complete wellness and lifestyle change program for Senior 50 Plus. We can help you succeed with personally designed, Tranquil makeovers, positive affirmations, mindful management, , and meditation. Our online personalized programs can make you feel good and look great, inside and out. We help and suggest to you what will create the best you

for 2023 and beyond


Senior Slimmers provides you the most concise relaxation methods and calming techniques without breaking a sweat.


During these unprecedented times, Senior Slimmers presents to you a personally designed session that's fit to meet all your needs.


Welcome to the

world of Senior Slimmers

Offering you a personalized program. Whether you want to lose., maintain or get your MoJo back

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