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Senior Fasting

Become your own success story

Knowledge is Power

Join the most unique proven

healthy weight management


for the Boomer and Senior Generation 55 PLUS

Family Dinner

How it works

What is Intermittent fasting for Seniors

Intermittent fasting is designed for Seniors

is a lifestyle and healthy weight management

the technique where you fast for X amount of

hours per day and enjoy an eating window

per day. Every day, Every time.

Our suggested methods

depending on your personal stats

are starting out slowly

and working yourself to your own comfort zone. 
All our plans allow you to have

beverages under 50 calories

during fasting time and

if your personalized plan allows even bulletproof coffee.

We also can introduce you to fasting products

that ease hunger and not disrupt your fasting. 


When you have not eaten for some time, let’s say

eight hours your body starts burning fat cells.

In most cases,

after 12 hours your body

does not have glucose

which is the number one

source of energy

and starts burning

through those fat cells

for energy, which in turn helps

 you create

your healthy weight management.

During those eight hours,

what you can eat

is the issue some boomers and seniors

have. You would

not believe how easy this is.

Let’s say you finish your

last meal at 7 o’clock in the evening,

you watch a

show on TV, have some herbal tea, read,

or meditate before you go to sleep.

That means you fasted

for 14 hours and most of that is sleep.

To make up for the

few hours feel free to drink herbal tea, or

lemon water

in the evening or in

the morning,

we suggest having your

coffee my favorite is a vanilla bean

which doesn’t need anything

to make it taste delicious.

However, in your summary,

you may be able to enjoy a splash of

cream or lemon.


Herbal Tea

You will cycle your day into two parts,

one when you’re fasting and one

when you’re eating. Beginners should

start out on a slow

and steady weight loss, intermediate

people like myself are a little bit more

experienced in fasting,

and experts whom we all will become 

have a different timeline.

The usual fasting times are 12:12, 14:10, 16:8, and 5:2.

However, we can tailor it to

your preference after your plan is created.

We start out slow and increase times up from there. 

Depending on your plan the first number

will be the time

you are fasting the second number will be

the time you will be eating.


You are unique your plan will be unique to you.

We take into account your weight

(you will only weigh

yourself once a month we will

cover that in a little bit),

Your activity level, your age, your lifestyle,

your work schedule if you still work or are

you retired. One great thing

about senior fasting is that we could tailor

any of your likes or dislikes into the plan.

 If you are a protein person, we incorporate protein

into your meals, if you want to stay away

from carbs, we can do a modified keto.

If you love fruits and vegetables and whole

grains we have a plan for that too.

You are in control always
Your weight is your business,

we won't ask you any of that.

Whatever you and your

doctor/health professional feel your best at.

Here’s where the science part comes in it is

calculated with your lifestyle,

So Let’s say you walk 3 miles a

day your calories

will be higher and you’re fasting shorter.
After you become a member of senior fasting,  

we will work on

your meal plan and how to ease into fasting.

Smiling Portrait
Dancing with Headphones

and so it begins...

Once you get the swing of things you will be a pro. Remember no two people are alike so what’s good for your friends may

not be your ideal.

Once you commit to senior fasting you will notice a big change you really won’t be that hungry.


Drinking water is a must which that includes any kind of caffeine-free tea. If you need caffeine please limit it to one cup before noon since your sleep patterns can be thrown off if you drink it at different times. We STRONGLY suggest no sugar-free sodas or sports drinks that contain words we cannot pronounce.  A great rule of thumb. if you can't pronounce it omit it..


There are some incredible

teas on the market that are absolutely delicious and do not have caffeine in them.


We can recommend to you which of the teas we suggest. Sleep is a very integral part of the plan and is needed for your success. 

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