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Hi, Boomers and Seniors everywhere!

I talk to you from experience and more importantly from my heart. 

So How did I an educated health professional wind up 3 oz away from 300 pounds? 


Typical, baby boomer...
As a child I was overweight, and as a teenager, I would go on crazy low-calorie diets only to yo-yo back-and-forth. In fact, in one year I went from 190 to 125 back to 150 and I was only 18.
Throughout the years after getting married, and having kids, my weight fluctuated just like you, I have tried everything, just like most of you.

And then last summer July 22, 2022, I had my aha moment. Being a baby boomer, we all experience different kinds of stress due to life experiences. and as Seniors, some of us are on medications and have limited mobility.  I was in an eating frenzy for five years, following my father’s sickness and passing, dealing with family issues, and of course the pandemic.  When,I got on the scale that July morning in 2022 I just could not believe how far, it went I was looking at 299.7 pounds. I was having problems walking, turning over in bed, and climbing stairs, I couldn’t keep on blaming it on the pandemic, I couldn’t keep blaming it on anything but my willpower.
I read about fasting. Seemed easy enough.
With the help of my healthy weight management program and fasting app, I slowly started to stop eating at 7 o’clock at night and started eating at 9 o’clock in the morning.
14 hours of fasting and 10 hours of eating.

About two months into this after losing about 14 pounds I started 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating by the time the new year rolled around I actually lost close to 45 pounds.  I didn’t do any strenuous exercise, I practice my meditation, my affirmations, and very low-impact yoga   In late March my plateau hit. No weight loss for four weeks. The scale would not move. I was not unhappy because I was already down 60+ pounds but I needed to be at a healthy weight. 
I spoke with my doctor, and we decided together Tirzaptine was a good option.. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with two of three of my kids and was pre-diabetic.

At this point, i followed all 3 plans, Senior Fasting, Senior Keto ( modified), and Senior Slimmers Natural.

I started feeling empowered. I craved healthy proteins and fruits and veggies. I was already used to not eating so much bread and created zero-sugar desserts before I knew it I saw that I was down 85 pounds. When I went in for my annual Medical visit, my doctor actually asked me if I was at goal. The joy I felt!

 My blood pressure was absolutely normal, the lowest it’s ever been.
I know my story is pretty much like your story. And what works for me may not work for you, but the fact is I have gone on so many plans throughout the years, and finally with the starting point of fasting, and eating natural and wholesome foods I achieved healthy weight management. Now, I personally created plans that are affordable and livable. You should never be hungry because this is not a diet.

This is a healthy weight management lifestyle plan. Plans for Boomers and Seniors who want to attain healthy weight management for a healthy life.
Yes, you will have to change certain eating habits but I never deprived myself. If I wanted a slice of pizza, or some french fries, or even regular ice cream I would enjoy it. Now I can have one slice and not a whole pie( I am sure some of you know what i mean)

As a Senior Advocate and a Marketing Expert, since early 2007,  I have devoted myself to the Senior community. By creating Senior Slimmers and working with medical pros to create a plan for everyone 50 PLUS.. As the Chief Wellness Director for Senior Slimmers, I applied my knowledge to myself first so I can be a role model for others.

With much happiness welcome to the world of Senior Slimmers. We are not only a healthy weight management system, we are a total Wellness Seniors 50 plus program. We are all going through the joys of being over 50.

Our Success Classes are created for Seniors only.

We are the Generation of the greatest. 

Let's make our first half-life so jealous of your second half.  So no matter your weight, your lifestyle, or your attitude, we got a plan for you.

Senior Slimmers offers a personalized program for Boomers and Seniors 55 PLUS.

Get your MoJo back, create your me space, and be the best you.

​With all my best wishes to you for a healthy second half,

In good health always,


XOX Nancy

Nancy's Specialties
  • Naturopathic Practitioner

  • Senior Advocate​

  • Certified Yoga instructor RYT 200 hours

  • Master Senior Specialist

  • ​Certified Master Health Coach

  • Past Commissioner, West Sacramento Parks, Rec and Inter-generational Committee 2016-2018​​

  • Committee Commissioner for Age Advisory Board for West Sacramento 2016-2017

  • Boomer Influencer

  • Nationally Known Expert on Baby Boomers

  • ​Extreme "Couponer"  Expert

  • ​Extensive Senior & Boomer Workplace Experience

and a very Proud Mom and Grandma


Before and After

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July 22, 2022

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Feb. 22, 2023


May 2017          April 12, 2023

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May 2021          April 22, 2023

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Meet your Success Director, Nancy A Levy

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