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Senior Fasting

Become your own success story

Join the most unique proven healthy

weight management system

for the Boomer and Senior Generation 55 PLUS

Program info

A 30-minute consultation with complimentary

A phone call or message on our website through our Senior Fasting or Senior Keto messenger see the lower box to your left.

We review a healthy weight management system, lifestyle, and goals .*It is a great way to get to know each other and see if the program is a good fit. Unlike other programs or apps, we get to know you on a personalized level. your likes and dislikes, what you have tried, and what works.

The bottom line is we want you to feel healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

Your success is our success.

Confident Senior Woman

12 Week program why 12 Weeks? Because it will take your whole mind and body to start seeing real results. As an exclusive member, you will always receive discounts through our site for products. If you need a little more time to acclimate then we can create a personalized plan for you past the 12 weeks with your budget in mind. Either way, you plan your decision. This program is ideal for the senior who wants to make a long-term commitment with long-term goals in mind. We recommend 12 Weeks for Boomers and Seniors who are not familiar with fasting programs with more than 30 pounds to reach healthy weight management goals.

Smiling Portrait

Upon receiving permission

from the client after reviewing with a doctor or health professional,
Your complete 12-week plan

will be provided with

mindfulness and meditation.
You will have full access to all discounts on all products recommended.

Happy Senior Woman
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