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Senior Fasting

Become your own success story

Join the most unique proven healthy

weight management system

for the Boomer and Senior Generation 55 PLUS

Your Success Kit


Congratulations, you have made the commitment. you’ve had your complimentary consultation and now you are on your way to your 12-week program. What does your 12-week program include? First things first we are not an app. We are a full program with real people, not your ordinary generic plan. Each one of us is different. Your plan is tailored for you. You will have a one-hour consultation every month with a Senior Fasting expert. You will receive your own transformation 12-week journal which is chock-full of information all regarding wellness. If you’re old-school like me you’d like to write things down.  Although we do not discourage you, if you noticed in Market Square we have an app for logging your food in which also has a handy dandy fasting feature. 

In your Senior Fasting success kit, you will receive a tape measure so you can measure yourself biweekly (every other week).  Every month you will receive your personalized online wellness planner. We will provide it to you. You also will receive your swag bag, upon full payment. We will handpick samples from our favorite businesses that you can purchase anytime with discounts from many of the businesses. 

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